Celtic Sea Salt® Brand introduces a new River Salt.

Dear Celtic Sea Salt Fans,

Selina Naturally®, the home of the Celtic Sea Salt® brand, is excited to bring to the US market a new concept of sea salt, “River Salt”. The new line “Fossil River® Salt” comes in a variety of three different categories of salt.
A first to the market low sodium liquid spray salt, which is complimented with five different flavors, Plain, Cucumber, Truffle, Mediterranean, and Garlic. These sprays can be used on a prepared dish such as salads and corn on the cob, or used in manufacturing for a perfect low sodium compliment to the product.

Liquid Salt Low Sodium Spray salts

The second of these River Salts is a Flaked Flavored River Salt, Salt Flakes®, a range of spice-infused salts that enhance the flavors and textures of every dish. Available in five flavors, Balsamic Vinegar, a detoxing Charcoal, Grilled Meat, Aromatic Herbs (all purpose), and 5 Peppers.

Salt Flakes®
Flaked Flavored River Salt

The last but not least are the gourmet flavors, Flocons De Sel®, these salts make any cook look like a chef, with their exotic flavors. Available in Nutty Smoked, Seaweed, Sesame Wasabi, Szechuan Pepper, and a Rose and Wine that looks like fireworks on the grill.

Flocons De Sel®
Gourmet Flake Salts

Thank you for choosing and trusting the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand for over 40 years now! We have been dedicated to always source responsibly and discover the finest, most exotic salts of the world. Fossil River® salts are created by the means of artisan extraction from the subterranean rivers and dried by the sun and wind. With no bleaches or additives, the salt retains all of its original minerals and trace elements, making it worthy of its reputation.

We promise you will feel like a chef when you use the new Fossil River flavors!

Stay Salty our friends,

Colorful Roasted Veggie Side Dish



Colorful Roasted Winter Veggies with Pomegranate sauce

Prep Time 15 minutes

Cook Time 20 minutes

Serves 6



3-4 butternut squash, cups cubed and peeled

3-4 cups brussel sprouts, cut in half

1 medium sized red onion, peeled and cut in 2 inch pieces

1-2 teaspoons chili powder

1-2 teaspoons Fossil River Balsamic Vinegar Flake Salt

1-2 tablespoons coconut oil

¼-½ cup fresh pomegranate seeds

½ cup pomegranate juice

2 tablespoons coconut nectar



Preheat oven to 400 degrees and be sure the racks are in the middle of the oven. On a large baking sheet pan spread out the brussel sprouts, butternut squash, and onion. Coat everything in coconut oil, sprinkle with chili powder and Fossil River Balsamic Vinegar Flake Salt. Roast in the oven uncovered for 20 minutes until the squash is soft, but not mushy.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool. In a small sauce pan heat the pomegranate juice and coconut nectar and allow to simmer and reduce until slightly thicker consistency. Allow the juice to cool a bit then mix the reduced juice and roasted vegetables in a large bowl.

Mix in the fresh pomegranate seeds once everything is room temperature. Serve this colorful dish as an appetizer or side to your holiday feast!

The Fossil River Balsamic Vinegar salt is a unique and delicious way to capture the tart tang of balsamic vinegar with the delicate salty flakes. It’s delicate enough to use as a finishing salt, however in this dish sprinkling it over the vegetables before roasting was a wonderful way to allow the essence of the balsamic taste without the moisture of using a vinegar, which would cause the vegetables and squash to be too soft and soggy. The large flakes gently melt over the ingredients so with each bit you get a nice burst of flavor.


Paleo Friendly Salted Honey Marshmallow Recipe

Halloween Candy without the guilt!

-By natural chef carla delangre


A hand mixer or standing mixer

1 saucepan

1 sheet parchment paper to line glass baking dish

1 8×8 glass baking dish

Candy thermometer (optional)


4 TBSP of pasture-raised gelatin powder

1 cup of room temperature water (divided)

1 cup of honey, maple syrup, or coconut nectar

2 tsp vanilla or other flavor option

1 pinch Flower of the Ocean or Fossil River Charcoal Flake Salt


  1. Pour 1/2 cup plain warm water into mixing bowl. Add gelatin. Whisk slightly and let sit.
  2. Pour the other 1/2 cup of water and 1 cup of honey or sweetener of choice into the small saucepan and whisk to combine.
  3. Bring the water and honey to a boil, while keeping a watchful eye. Constantly stir the mixture for 8 minutes while maintaining a boiling status, or until your candy thermometer reaches 240 degrees.
  4. When add honey mix is added, turn the mixer to high and blend with the mixer for another 10-15 minutes or until it forms a stiff cream like the consistency of marshmallow cream. (It should form gentle peaks.)
  5. Add any flavor ingredients for the last 2 minutes of mixing
  6. Line your glass baking dish with parchment paper, leaving some on the sides to be able to pull up.
  7. When marshmallows are whipped, pour into the lined dish and smooth evenly.
  8. Let sit at least 4 hours or overnight.
  9. Flip onto a cutting board and cut with a well-oiled knife.
  10. Store in an airtight container on the counter. Do not store in the refrigerator or they will melt. Be sure to store in an airtight container and they will last for 2 weeks.

Applewood Smoked Celtic Sea Salt Coconut Bacon – By Monique Costello


1 ½ cups unsweetened coconut flakes

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

2 tsp maple syrup

2 Tbls tamari

1 heaping tsp Applewood Smoked Celtic Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Toss all the ingredients, except the salt, in bowl; be sure to coat all the coconut well. Now add in the Applewood Smoked Celtic Sea Salt and toss again to distribute. Spread in a single layer on the baking sheet and bake for about 7 minutes, shake and flip around on the pan and bake until crispy, about another 7 minutes.

Remove pan from oven and let cool, they will crisp some as they cool. Note​: Keep a close eye on the coconut bacon after tossing and flipping, the flakes on the outer edges of the pan often get done sooner than than pieces in the middle of the pan. Take a few bacon pieces out, let cool for a moment and taste for crunchiness. Use in all the places you would bacon: top salads, in a blt, over eggs or on a pizza!

Bonus Recipe: Spread a layer of mayo (preferably cashew mayo) onto a piece of Boston lettuce. Pile with avocado, thinly sliced green apple and the coconut bacon.

YUM! *** Happy Healthy Eating!

About the Chef:

Monique Costello is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, Integrative Holistic Health Coach and a Gourmet Cook. After years of a debilitating break down of the body, chronic back pain and unexplained symptoms like low energy, restless sleep, weight gain, and dry skin, Monique found relief in the very same element that fueled her passion, food.

A champion recipe developer once featured on The Food Network, Monique now works as a health educator through corporate wellness programs and a one-on-one coaching. She teaches Soma Institute’s Health and Wellness certification program and Culinary Nutrition Certification and recreational classes at Kendall College along with hosting detos programs to help people recognize that food is medicine and it can heal you from the inside. Read more about Monique’s story at happyeatshealthy.com

Love Your Rare Body!

If you have ever looked for high quality, low toxicity body care— the Selina Naturally line of Rare Body® bath, body, and oral care products are for you.

The granddaughter of Jacque Delangre, Colette Delangre, started the Rare Body® line as an extension of the Celtic Sea Salt® way—nourishing, raw ingredients to help your skin glow and your body thrive with health.

They can be used by everyone and are formulated for all skin types, you can use our products knowing they are created with natural, healthy ingredients packaged in the US in a production facility that is CGMP- certified (Current Good Manufacturing Practice).

With a variety of products, the whole line consists of Body Oils, Body Butters, Bath Salts, Salt Scrubs, and even coconut oil pulling all naturally flavored with edible essential oils of your choice between peppermint, cinnamon, or birch.

What is in the Rare Body® care line?

It is easy to talk about “natural” ingredients—but with any consumer health and beauty product, it is important to know what you are getting.  Here is what we use to create affordable Rare Body® products that you can feel good about using:

  •         Sweet almond oil:  Naturally rich in antioxidants, sweet almond oil is used to protect your skin from damage from UV radiation, and the natural stress of aging.  Along with peaches, plums, nectarines, and others, almonds are a stone fruit.
  •         Babassu oil:  A vegetable oil, babassu oil is used in food and skin products, as well as cleaning products.  Lesser known than coconut oil, babassu oil, when pressed into a butter melts in your hand with a rich, moisturizing result.  We use babassu oil for its fatty acids that moisturize hair and skin naturally.
  •         Celtic Sea Salt®:  Our family of salts is found in our Rare Body® products.  Salt crystals from the Natural Celtic Sea Salt® brand contain many trace elements including manganese, zinc, and iron.  Our bath salts dissolve quickly, soften your skin, and ease your mind. We geographically locate our coastal salt farms carefully to ensure your Celtic Sea Salt® is free from contaminants—and we harvest, not process, our salt.
  •         Cocoa butter:  A favorite of humankind, cacao beans, inside the pods like you see above, produce products like chocolate and cocoa butter.  Cocoa butter is well known for its moisturizing effects, and helps with stretch marks, the signs of aging, and deep skin hydration.
  •         Carrot seed oil:  Made from the seeds of Queen Annes lace, or Daucus carota, wild carrot seed oil is a longtime natural remedy.  It is used for its antioxidant properties and protection against aging and UV radiation.  Carrot seed oil products should not be used by women who are, or are considering becoming pregnant.

These are only a few of the ingredients we use in our products.  We source sustainably, and in keeping with Free Trade practices.  Our high quality, reasonably priced products are offered with your health and happiness in mind—love your Rare Body!

Products you can trust from Selina Naturally®

Rare Body® beauty products are just one of the products we produce. Selina Naturally® is also dedicated to being your trusted provider of organic, gluten-free, nourishing and vegan gourmet products. Our healthy selection includes foods, vitamins and herbs, earth-friendly bath and beauty products, recipes, and books.

Shop for Rare Body Products at: https://www.selinanaturally.com/search?q=rare+body


Aquon Matrix, the key to hydration

A Spotlight on Aquon Matrix® Hypertonic and Isotonic

Aquon Matrix® Hyper & Iso









Aquon Matrix is part of the Selina Naturally family of products aimed at helping you live a healthier, more hydrated life.

Today I am putting a spotlight on Aquon Matrix® Hypertonic, a structured water product that provides essential minerals in a filtered seawater base.

Water is critical to life, but do you know the many ways that water builds and maintains your health?  Here are just a few ways your body uses water:

  • About 60% of the human body is water.  Our vital organs are composed and served by water.  Our heart and water about 73% water, our skin is more than 60% water, and even our bones contain about 31% water.
  • Water is an essential component of each cell In our body, and it helps move nutrients around In the bloodstream, flushes wastes from our body—and even acts as a cushion and shock absorber for joints, spine, and the brain.
  • Maintaining enough hydration helps you maintain an even temperature, allows your immune system to function, and keeps your mucous membranes moist.


What about Aquon Matrix®?

Aquon Matrix® is a micro-filtered seawater product that delivers stable quantities of minerals found naturally in seawater.  Aquon is collected at a depth of about 98 feet in areas of the ocean that are dense with phytoplankton.

Like our bodies, our planet is composed primarily of water as well.  About 71 percent of the surface of our planet is covered with water, most of it is salty.  Seawater is naturally composed of salts, minerals, and other organic components.  Drinking small amounts of Aquon Matrix®, a highly refined, structured seawater, may offer benefits like increased energy and and overall feeling of wellness.

There are two concentrations of the Aquon Matrix®; Hypertonic and Isotonic.

Hypertonic ingredients: Cold micro-filtered and structured natural seawater

Isotonic ingredients: Cold micro-filtered and structured natural seawater and isotonicity reduced (0.9%) with natural water

Aquon Matrix Hypertonic is recommends its products for active people and others whose workout regimens result in cramping, loss of electrolytes, fatigue, and weakness.

Aquon Matrix Isotonic is recommended for children, elderly and those with sodium sensitivities.

First explored in the 1800’s by physiologist, Rene Quinton, research has revealed remarkable similarities between micro-filtered seawater and the fluids within the human body. The saline nature of the fluid within our cells echoes the composition of the water in the vast oceans that encircle the continents on which we live.


Calcium, sulfates, chloride, bicarbonates, sodium, potassium, and magnesium are just some of the minerals in Aquon Matrix®.

Collected and carried in specially designed containers, the seawater is filtered and passed through equipment to confer the hexagonal structure that Aquon Laboratories is well-known for this technique to prepare its seawater-based food supplements.

Experts recommend one drinkable stick each morning, and one in the evening.  While you are drinking it, hold the liquid in your mouth for a minute before swallowing to boost absorption.

A drink to your health!

Count on us to bring you healthy, natural products you can trust.  If you have questions, please contact us at Selina Naturally®.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Farm to Table, from our Family to Yours—Celtic Sea Salt® and So Much More

A Family Brand built with relationships

Building relationships with our farmers

Our family mission is to support the health of your family, its individuals and the planet. Our woman-owned company, Selina Naturally draws on the wisdom of three generations and 40 years of experience reviving and maintaining traditional forms of harvesting pure sea salt.

I am the CEO of Celtic Ocean International, Inc., the parent company of Selina Naturally® and the Celtic Sea Salt brand. Through decades of researching and testing the qualities of traditionally produced sea salt, our companies have opened the door for salt to once again be considered a “health food.”

Our long history of offering healthy products to enhance the life quality and wellness of others began with my father- in law New Jersey-born Jacques Delangre. While young, Jacques’ parents returned to their native Belgium, and it was there that Jacques discovered how the value of whole foods impacted health of everyone. He founded The Grain & Salt Society® in 1976 out of a passion for improving the health of people around the world through nutrition and education. Jacques Delangre is widely recognized as accomplished author, biologist and researcher.

After marriage to Yvette, Jacques returned to the US, soon developing a passion for the health benefits of unrefined, whole salt. His life’s work was to revive traditional methods of harvesting and producing salt crystals from sea water—and in 1976 the Celtic Sea Salt® brand was founded.

Colette, Stephanie, Selina and Carla with Salt Farmer

Natural products and pure sea salt

Relationships are important to me—in my life and my work. In working with scientists, nutritionists, food authors, and cooking experts, it is important for me to support what I call “optimal wellbeing.” Part of that is maintaining a healthy workplace and business complex in North Carolina, where we do things by hand to ensure you enjoy the quality you have come to expect from our brands. Meet my family:

Carla holding pink salt crystals in Spain

· Carla Delangre is a Certified Natural Chef with training from Bauman College. As a cooking professional, Carla works with recipe development and produces cooking programs. Carla grew up with Celtic Sea Salt® in the pantry—and she wouldn’t cook without it.

· The founder of the Rare Body® line of natural body products, Colette Delangre has a natural flair for business development, life, and beauty. Colette manages promotion and production of the pure the Rare Body® line

· As our marketing professional, Stephanie Tomatis is informed and passionate about health and products that inspire and create well being. Stephanie has significant global enterprise experience and owns a farm in Senegal, Africa, that sustainably produces Moringa and Baobob.
Our multi-generational company leadership means our products and service reflect the respect and concern each of us feel for our bodies, and the health of others. As the fourth-generation of our family grows, we look forward to continuing our pledge to “restore the reputation of salt.”

Two Generations of Celtic Sea Salt® Family Members at the site of harvest

Salt Farmer, Carla, Stephanie, Selina and Colette

Products you can trust from Selina Naturally®

From the Naturally harvested Celtic Pink Sea Salt® from Spain, to Rare Body® beauty products and more—you can count on our family of companies. If you have questions about any of our products, contact us at Selina Naturally® today. We look forward to hearing from you.

IODINE: The Powerful Nutrient Nearly Everyone is Missing

Discover how this underrated trace mineral can

restore your flagging energy, help trim your tummy,

revitalize your hair…

And, give you a whole new lease on life!

Article by Carol Parks

Do you suffer this silent scourge in quiet desperation?

You get a lot of sleep but wake up exhausted… you’ve cut the junk from your diet and taken up a new exercise program but still can’t lose that “baby weight”… and more of your hair seems to pile up on the floor or clog your shower drain than ever…Maybe you also complain of brittle nails, cold hands and feet, dry skin, poor memory, pain, headaches, and muscle cramps. And then there’s that melancholy mood or even crying fits that make you feel like a stranger in your own body…It’s enough to make you feel old far beyond your years.

When you talk to your doctor, he humors you with a thyroid test. When it comes back, he says your thyroid is normal… and informs you, “it’s all in your head”!

It’s NOT in Your Head… But It MAY Be in Your Thyroid

Unfortunately, your thyroid could be barely functioning but a thyroid test still says it’s fine. So when your doctor says it’s all in your head, or to try a different diet, consider this instead…

You’re probably short on the very last thing you want to be short on – a trace mineral called iodine. Today’s doctors rarely talk about it, and hardly anyone gives it a second thought. But they should…Because there’s now compelling evidence that iodine deficiency is linked to a host of vexing health problems.

It’s a Primary Nutrient, Yet an Almost Universal Deficiency…

Iodine is a powerful primary nutrient with broad impact on your well-being. It is essential to your tiny thyroid gland – your master gland of metabolism – for production of thyroid hormones.

One hundred years ago, nearly every doctor treated with iodine. From 1900 to the 1960s, U.S. physicians used iodine supplements for all types of thyroid issues and many other conditions… Iodine was pretty much considered a cure-all for every human illness.

But that was before the Wolff-Chaikoff assertion – which claimed that at a certain point your thyroid could become overwhelmed with too much iodine and shut down. That began the iodine phobia that had doctors shunning it like the plague (even though it isn’t true). So it’s no wonder you could be missing out on the very thing that could help you thrive again. Iodine is found in every one of your body’s trillions of cells – at higher levels in your thyroid gland, adrenal glands, lung, liver, and heart… and your fat and muscle tissue.

Your thyroid is an endocrine gland intricately involved in hormonal system integrity. Like the rest of your body, it needs adequate amounts of all macro and micronutrients to function optimally.

Iodine: Gatekeeper of Mammary Gland Integrity

Iodine isn’t needed just for your thyroid hormone – it’s linked to the production of every hormone in your body. Without it, your immune system may fail to function, as iodine supports your immune health with its antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antiviral, and anticancer benefits.

Iodine has a remarkable healing effect on mammary glands, including ovaries and breasts. Iodine starvation in your breasts can lead to fibrocystic breast disease, and in your ovaries can cause cysts, swelling, and erratic hormones leading to additional problems.

Russian researchers discovered way back in 1966 that iodine could relieve fibrocystic breast disease – 71 percent effectively in their study. A 1993 Canadian study agreed, finding success 70 percent of the time.

Dr. Brownstein’s research found that high doses of iodine made ovarian cysts smaller and begin to disappear.

Iodine also plays a critical role in apoptosis – programmed cell death… the process that destroys the very cells that pose a severe threat to your wellness, like cancer cells, and cells infected with viruses. So it may be protective against various cancers.

Fans the Flames of Chemical Detox…

Nearly everyone today suffers from chronic poisoning to one degree or other. Toxic chemicals may accumulate in every cell of your body and add new collateral damage every day.

Evidence shows that increasing your iodine consumption can replace and therefore help detox other halogens – specifically fluoride, chlorine, and bromide.

Fluoride and bromide actually compete with your iodine levels. And that’s a bad thing…

Approximately half of all Americans cities fluoridate their water. While parts per million varies by community, every glass of water now competes with your available iodine, and can rapidly deplete your supplies.

Bromine is also entrenched in many parts of your daily life:

  • Pesticides (mainly used on strawberries)
  • Potassium bromate found in most bakery goods and some flour
  • Soft drinks (Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Sun Drop, and other citrus flavored sodas
  • Plastics (yes, even your computer)
  • Fire retardants in fabrics, upholstery, mattresses, and the like
  • Medications
  • Pool and hot tub treatments.

Bromine (bromide) is actually the “bully” of the halide group. It bulldozes in, displaces iodine and binds tightly to your iodine receptors, claiming all those important receptor spots… and leaves you with ever-greater iodine deficiencies.

During the early 1960s, iodine was used as an anti-caking agent during manufacture of bakery products including bread. One slice of bread contained up to 150 micrograms of iodine. But with the bashing of iodine and erroneous concerns about iodine excesses, iodine was replaced with bromine in the 1980s – with huge health consequences.

So hopefully you agree your body needs iodine…

But There’s One More Hot Debate…

How much?   Not even iodine advocates seem able to agree. And need can be very individualized. One thing most advocates DO agree on… Start slow and listen to your body. If you’re detoxing bromide and fluoride, you may experience detox symptoms. Don’t try to do it all in a day.

The Japanese consume a daily average of 13.8 mg. of elemental iodine – and they’re one of the world’s healthiest societies.  So that could be a number to strive towards.

Good Food Sources of Iodine

 The Japanese, not surprisingly, get most of their iodine through ocean grown fish, kelp and other seaweed, and sea salt. (Note: it would take 10 to 20 pounds of fish to provide their 13.8 mg.)

Anything grown near or in the sea may contain iodine. Rich sources include asparagus, garlic, mushrooms, pineapple, and leafy greens. Coconut products are good, as is blackstrap molasses. Butter from near the ocean sourced from cows also fed sea salt is an excellent choice, being also high in selenium and vitamin A. Eggs are good too.

Want to be sure you’re getting enough iodine – and don’t want to focus so much on dietary sources?

Why not keep a bottle of our new Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning Blend at home and at work?

be-bravebe-boldbe-youThis proprietary blend starts with Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt® and adds four types of savory sea veggies to the mix, along with Red Shiso, garlic, onion, and lemon… offering perfect flavor for every dish. It may be the easiest and most flavorful way ever, to get 250 percent of your RDI of iodine.

Isn’t it worth a try, for your incredible new lease on life… the one that iodine helps provide?

A life with renewed vitality, a trimmer tummy, thick lush hair – and all the other possibilities a bit of iodine can hold in store for you? Claim the healthy life you’re entitled to today!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This communication is intended for informational purposes only. Nothing in it is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice


Synthovial Seven®, Hyaluronic Acid

Use our patented oral Synthovial Seven® to supplement your body’s HA supply on the inside, and apply Hyalogic new patented HylaRub™ to the outside and help maintain healthy joints and normal mobility.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) exists naturally in all living organisms. In the body, it is found in greater concentrations in the synovial fluid of joints for lubrication, the vitreous humor (fluid) of the eye and most abundantly in the skin.

As we age, the body produces less and less Hyaluronic Acid. This has an effect on normal, smooth, comfortable joint movement and normal softness and smoothness of the skin. You can maintain normal mobility, proper skin condition, the skin’s self-smoothing ability, and clear healthy eyes with Synthovial Seven®.

Synthovial Seven® is an oral solution made from premium grade Hyaluronic Acid with high molecular weight. Hyaluronic Acid is a polymer and it can come in varying molecular weights. Studies have shown more benefits with the higher molecular weight HA polymers.

Synthovial Seven® is a liquid solution of Hyaluronic Acid. Oral solutions by nature are absorbed by the body easier and quicker than tablets and capsules.


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is found naturally in most every cell in the body and occurs in high concentrations in specific body locations. HA serves a different function in each of the following body locations:

  • Joints/Bones/Cartilage
  • Tendons/Ligaments/Connective Tissue
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Scalp Tissue and Hair Follicles
  • Lasting only a few days in the body and skin, HA needs ti be constantly replenished.

A few things can break down HA in the body:

  • Age
  • Inflammation
  • Compression
  • Oxidation


What does Synthovial Seven® do for my joints?   Synthovial Seven® helps your joints in maintaining their healthy and fluid motion. Hyaluronic Acid supplements the synovial fluid within the joint to help maintain its cushioning properties.HyaluronicAcid-in-Synovial-fluid

What does Synthovial Seven® do for my skin?   The skin contains the highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in the body. Almost 50% of the body’s Hyaluronic Acid can be found here. The presence of large amounts Hyaluronic Acid in the skin helps to keep the skin elastic and healthy.

Why do I need Synthovial Seven®?   Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced by the body as a constituent of synovial fluid that lubricates the cartilage between the joints. As we age, the body produces less high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. The Hyaluronic Acid in Synthovial Seven® helps the body in maintaining a proper amount of Hyaluronic Acid is needed for normal body function.

Where does your Hyaluronic Acid come from?   The Hyaluronic Acid in Synthovial Seven®, come from an extracellular protein during a natural fermentation process; not an animal source. This high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid produced is equivalent to the Hyaluronic Acid in the body.


Turmeric, Curcumins & Health

Although you may have never heard of the herb turmeric (Curcuma longa), you’ve probably tried it. You may be surprised to learn that turmeric is what gives the mustard you slather on your hot dog or ham sandwich that bright yellow color. If you’ve ever eaten too many of those foods, the medicinal properties of turmeric might have even saved you from a nasty stomachache!

TIMEA member of the ginger family, turmeric is harvested from the fleshy, golden-orange root of Curcuma Longa. The roots are dried and ground to produce a fine golden powder.

Turmeric has been used for medicinal and culinary purposes for thousands of years. In India, China, and Persia, the list of turmeric’s applications is quite long. The herb has been used as an antioxidant,anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and even as an anti-tumor agent. It’s been investigated to support cardiovascular health, promote healthy digestion, and treat wounds. It’s also used to treat conditions ranging from parasites, poor circulation, indigestion, infections, acne, and many more.

Through history, turmeric has been held in high regard around the world, but it’s only recently that it’s been receiving the same kind of attention here in the United States. Curcumin, the component of turmeric that gives the herb it’s distinctive bright color, is also what appears to be responsible for the herb’s medicinal effect. Investigators are finding that turmeric is showing great promise in treating many ailments that plague our nation. Medical journals, health publications, and news outlets are now reporting that curcumins how promise in treating many cancers, cardiovascular problems, some eye diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, gastrointestinal disorders, Cystic Fibrosis, muscle degeneration, and wounds. Turmeric is also useful in slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s. One UCLA study found that curcumins in turmeric reduced the number of amyloid plaques (knots in the brain related to Alzheimer’s) by half in rats.

If you want to get more turmeric in your diet, try our Ancient Nutrition Turmeric Bone Broth. The Bone Broth Protein Turmeric is Paleo-friendly, free of common allergens and the idealTHE BEST VIEW protein source for those who are sensitive to dairy, grains, eggs, beef, nuts, and legumes—carefully-crafted quality you can trust and tested to be GMO free. Get the health benefits of today’s hottest superfood, bone broth—in a nourishing protein powder that is SMOOTH to blend, convenient to use and EASY to digest!

Turmeric is a principal ingredient in curry powder, a well-known staple of Indian dishes that’s easily found at groceries and markets. If you prefer to dine in, most health food stores offer a variety of foods that contain curries with turmeric. Many people also keep a shaker of turmeric near where they prepare their food. Because of turmeric’s sharp, pungent taste, turmeric curries often contain something sweet- usually raisins, carrots, sweet potatoes, or coconut milk.

Don’t like the taste of turmeric or want to consume more than you would in meals? You might consider turmeric supplementation. Turmeric has been found to be much more effective with the addition of Piperine. Piperine, the principal phytonutrient in black pepper, is said to boost your body’s absorption of turmeric by 2000%!

Click here to try Selina Naturally® Organic Peppercorns, you wont regret it! Our Peppercorns are packed full of rich spicy flavor.


If you prepare food with turmeric, remember to add black pepper. Afterwards, finish up with a cup of green tea. Researchers at the Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center found the combination of turmeric and green tea to enhance their respective cancer-fighting properties.

Turmeric in its raw state is around 5% curcuminoids, while supplements are often highly concentrated and can be as much as 95% curcuminoids. Curcumin supplements should always be taken with food; large doses can cause problems on an empty stomach. Pregnant woman, nursing mothers, and people with symptoms of gallstones are advised not to undergo turmeric supplementation. (The use of turmeric in those with gallstones is somewhat of a contentious issue. Because turmeric is used in other cultures to treat gallstones you might find a knowledgeable practitioner to advise you in it’s use.)

As you have read, turmeric could just as easily be placed in the medicine cabinet as it could the spice rack.

Orgono Silica- The Skin Saver

Skin is our largest protective organ! Collagen accounts for up to 75% of the weight of the dermis and is responsible for the resilience and elasticity of the skin. Collagen, which is mostly made up of silica, is the glue that holds us together. Our connective tissues consist of collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides and mucous carbohydrates which aid in moisture retention. Their Orgonocapacity to hold on to moisture keeps the connective tissue resilient and has apparent importance in the prevention of premature aging. All these valuable molecules house large quantities of silica.

Studies show that without adequate silica, the body cannot maintain optimum skin elasticity, strong hair, nails, teeth and gums. Silicium Orgono Gel is specially formulated and should feel cool to the touch. This gel contains no staining oils or chemicals and is ideal for massage use and/or personal home skin care application. The appearance is slightly opaque upon application and then forms a nearly transparent mask. One may apply other cosmetics over the Orgono without issue if so desired.

Silicium Orgono Gel follows the lineage of the original Orgono Silica liquid developed by Dr. Loic Le Ribault. Now available as a direct skin surface applied gel, the Orgono contains a high concentration of silicon combined with water and glycerine to produce a self contained applicant. Orgono dries within seconds of application and may form a mask (or film) over the skin surface. Wipes and washes away easily and can be reapplied without restrictions.


INGREDIENTS: Water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylsilanol (organic silica), Citrus grandis (grapefruit), glycerin, silica.

Instructions for use:
Apply a thin layer of gel to the affected area and leave untouched for five minutes. Then massage until completely absorbed into the skin. Repeat as necessary. It may feel sticking going on, but it quickly dries and the sticky feeling goes away, yet it continues to be effective.

What is organic Silica?

Organic silica, also known as silicon, is one of those elements whose lists of documented benefits just keeps growing as time passes and more research is conducted. Silica is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, but there are very few foods that contain an adequate amount to supply the quantity your body needs. The human body requires good nutrition to renew, repair and rejuvenate itself on a daily basis and organic silica has been found to have an absolute influence on the absorption and processes that the body requires to maintain good health. 

Our bodies need silica regardless of our age and even when diet is not the primary factor in cases of deficiencies, we often become deficient in this essential trace element simply thorough the aging process. In our youth, our tissues absorb and maintain high levels of silica— enabling our bodies to remain flexible, resilient, and energetic— but as we age, our silica levels steadily decline until they become almost non-existent. In fact, 80% of all of our body’s silica is used up by the time we become adults.

The effect of this steady decrease in silica levels is a progressive decline in health, increasing fatigue and acceleration of the aging process. Silica supplementation can be an aid in supporting healthy bones, joints, cartilage and blood vessels, as well as skin, nails, hair, teeth and gums. The result would be an improved well-being.


To a Happier and Healthier World!

Creating A Healthy Inner Ecosystem

create a healthy inner ecosystymBy-Donna Gates for Selina Naturally®

The inner ecosystem is a civilization that lives in the small and large intestine. In a healthy body, this civilization consists mostly of neutral bacteria. Fifteen to twenty percent of the civilization is considered good bacteria, these are bacteria doing important things for the digestion of foods. Also, even in a healthy body, there are a small number of “bad” bacteria which do not throw the system out of balance. There have been over 400 different microorganisms identified that could live in the gut. Many of them, as I mentioned, are neutral. Bifidus and acidophilous are two microorganisms that are beneficial and important, especially if you eat dairy products. We need acidophilous in the small intestine and bifidus in the large intestine. The acidophilous in the small intestine processes the food so that when the food gets down into the large intestine where the bifidus are, they benefit from the efforts of the acidopholous. That’s an example of how a balanced civilization works together. As we have begun to learn about this garden of Eden in the gut, there are many misconceptions that we first believed were true, and then later have come to understand as only half the truth. Yeast is an example of this.

We have heard so much about candida yeast, many people have come to believe that yeast is a bad thing. But yeast can live in a healthy digestive tract and they probably play a more important role than we realize at the moment. We have not fully studied this world, we are constantly learning more about it. When most of the beneficial bacteria are destroyed, for instance, through antibiotic use, candida yeasts change from a neutral form into a pathogenic form. They are left in the inner world and they become greedy and rapidly multiply. They grow tentacles, then they burrow into the mucosal lining and create holes or what we now call leaky gut. They destroy the integrity of the mucosal lining which prevents proper digestion. Substances that should stay in the intestines leak out. The yeast themselves can leak through and move through the body carried by the blood. They can colonize anywhere. They can group to the base of the brain. They can’t get into the brain because of the blood/brain barrier. They can go up to the brain and secrete toxins that have a negative effect on the brain. They can colonize around the heart and around the liver, they can get into the lungs and ear cavities creating a serious fungal infection. People can die from this. That’s an example of what can happen when we destroy the good and the bad takeover. But this can be prevented. By establishing a large number of neutral and beneficial bacteria at birth and maintaining this bacterial balance throughout life, pathogens never have a chance to take hold in the body.

    Good digestion is simply critical to good health; it builds healthy cells, healthy cell walls, a strong body, and a healthy immune system. Without good digestion, even the healthiest food turns into toxins. Beneficial bacteria are critical to good digestion. Primarily, bacteria an active role in the digestion of food, making sure that the nutrients contained in the food are broken down and carried to the cells. Beneficial micro flora also manufacture B vitamins (B-12, B-6, and B-3). Among their many functions, the B vitamins play a crucial role in the digestion of fats. We don’t often consider the process of digestion, but vital digestion is critical. Beneficial bacteria are necessary to this process. Without good digestion, the intestines become impure and toxic. Micro flora act upon poison, neutralizing them and even changing certain poisons into a beneficial product. For example, animal protein creates toxic byproducts in the intestine. The microflora can change these toxins into useful amino acids. Another function of the micro flora is biological transmutation. Sometimes the foods we eat may be lacking in certain elements, like magnesium or zinc. The microflora actually have the ability to transform, through biological transmutation, one element into another element more needed by the body at that moment.

Ideally the building of a healthy inner ecosystem begins before birth. For the nine months of pregnancy, a baby is inside a sterile environment. With the birth process, the baby is exposed to bacteria for the first time. Hopefully, the mother has a host of beneficial bacteria in the birth canal.There are a few simple steps every pregnant woman can take to assure that beneficial bacteria are passed along to her baby. First, she should add live cultured foods to her diet, especially cultured vegetables and kefir. Cultured vegetables and kefir contain the live microflora needed by the intestinal tract. It’s interesting that traditional cultures around the world have eaten cultured foods. It’s only now, in the fast-paced, processed food world of today that live cultured foods have disappeared. Let me clarify that Sauer kraut, for example, is traditionally a Untitled designlive cultured food. When it is canned, it has been pasteurized and the live bacteria have been destroyed. Another recommendation for pregnant mothers is to limit sugar consumption. Sugar is the favorite food of candida yeast. When you give them too much food, their numbers will grow and upset the careful balance of the inner eco system. Also, limit use of antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Antibiotics most certainly upset that delicate balance. I always recommend that pregnant women eliminate unhealthy, highly processed oils and choose organic, unrefined oils. Use flax, evening primrose, pumpkin and borage seed oils in salad dressings to obtain a healthy balance of Omega 3, Omega6 and GLA fatty acids. Cook with coconut oil which benefits the thyroid gland and contains caprylic acid, an anti-yeast fatty acid. These oils are key nutrients needed to build a healthy brain, a healthy nervous system and a healthy immune system. Soon, I believe we will finally understand that fetal nutrition is critical and can literally determine the quality of a child’s health.

    The use of antibiotics and the overuse of sugar and processed foods can deeply upset the balance of the inner ecosystem. Often, a baby who has been carefully nurtured gets sick. We need to understand that sometimes babies get sick often because they need to cleanse or because their immune system is trying to get strong. A mom sees her baby with a stuffy nose, having trouble breathing and feeling fussy and she calls the doctor. The doctor too often prescribes antibiotics. The balance of the inner ecosystem is immediately upset. Since the practice of eating cultured foods is practically nonexistent in our culture, where is the baby going to get beneficial bacteria? In Russia, babies are fed kefir at four months old. If a mom eats live cultured foods and breast feeds, she will pass along beneficial bacteria to her child. Unfortunately, as a culture, we don’t understand the importance of beneficial bacteria .We don’t look for the signs of unbalance in our children and in ourselves and we don’t know how to establish and maintain colonies of beneficial bacteria. For example, when a baby has colic, he is suffering from gas. One of the reasons for gas is a lack of beneficial bacteria. I have instructed parents of colicky babies to feed their children just the juice strained from the cultured vegetables. The babies get instant relief. The beneficial bacteria immediately begin working to aid digestion and prevent gas. These hardy bacteria will settle in the baby’s intestines and multiply. Because a baby’s intestinal tract is so clean, establishing a balance of bacteria is easy. The opposite is true of adults who have years of eating less-than-healthy foods which gum up and even block parts of the intestine. An adult’s large intestine is five feet long and their small intestine is twenty two feet long. That’s a vast and dangerous territory compared to the simple, clean, small intestinal tract of a baby.

The first food nature provides for a baby is breast milk. Breast milk is sticky and sweet and actually creates mucus in the baby’s intestines. Although it’s commonly believed that mucus producing foods are unhealthy, the mucus produced by breast milk is a clean mucus that coats the intestinal walls and provides a habitat for the bacteria. Without this bed of mucus, the beneficial bacteria could not colonize. Also, breast milk is very sweet, this sweetness feeds beneficial bacteria and allows them to flourish. So how can an adult duplicate this natural process in their own body? It is a difficult and tricky task to bring balance to an adult’s inner ecosystem. The first step is to cleanse the digestive tract. I recommend the use of colonics, enemas, herbs and an alkaline diet to achieve this. During this stage, a person will want to start eating an alkalizing, non-sugar diet. The principles of this diet are outlined in my book, The Body Ecology Diet. Through the use of this diet, the blood will become slightly alkaline like it is supposed to be, candida yeasts and viruses will die. Aiding the cleansing process is extremely important at this stage. As the candida yeasts and viruses die off, as the intestines begin to release toxic build up, the system becomes overloaded with toxins. Flu like conditions, rashes,

Perfect Pickler/Fermentation Kit

Perfect Pickler/Fermentation Kit

and headaches are just a few of the symptoms of a body trying to detox. Getting a colonic, or giving yourself an enema is an extremely effective way to help the body rid itself of this toxic buildup. Also, I recommend eating the cultured vegetables in the beginning because they are incredible cleansing agents. Cultured vegetables are rich in beneficial bacteria and enzymes, do in the gut. Another problem facing many adults attempting to re-establish this balance is that their intestines are inflamed and even leaky. The Body Ecology Diet helps heal the inflamed intestines. I also recommend drinking a good Aloe Vera juice. Putting one teaspoon of a high quality glutamine powder into one of the popular green drink formulas available at the health food store also helps to heal the inflamed gut. Once the intestine is no longer inflamed, and the leaky gut is sealed, it’s time to add kefir. Kefir is a cultured milk beverage. Although usually made with cow’s milk, kefir can also be made with soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, as well as sheep’s or goat’s milk. High in beneficial bacteria and yeast, kefir also contains a wide variety of minerals and essential amino acids, the B vitamins, and Vitamin K. The protein in kefir is partially digested and therefore more easily utilized by the body. Kefir has a direct effect on the nervous system; in fact the word kefir means “to feel good.” Kefir contains tryptophan, one of the essential amino acids well known for its relaxing effect on the nervous system. Tryptophan converts to serotonin and healthy

Kefir sold at Selina Naturally®

Kefir sold at Selina Naturally®

serotonin levels eliminate depression. Kefir has a tart taste, and a thick liquid consistency. It makes a delicious drink when blended with fruit or sweetened with stevia. Kefir is a very important part of the Body Ecology Diet, but it cannot be added until the inflammation and leakiness of the intestines are healed. To start, drink only small amounts of kefir so that dairy loving bacteria can colonize. Without this bacteria, the kefir cannot be digested. This is a step by step process. Even after the kefir is introduced, I do not recommend adding fruits and other sweet foods. Initially, the goal is to repopulate the intestines with beneficial and even neutral bacteria. At this stage, it is great to mix some acidophilous and bifidus into the kefir because kefir will ensure these bacteria reach their destination points. The final stage is when fruits and sweet vegetables and a variety of grains are able to be added back into the diet. I recommend a whole food diet, with an emphasis on vegetables and sea vegetables for everyone. At this final stage, a balance now exists in the intestines so digestion is healthy.

-Donna Gates, The Body Ecology Diet


A Complete Stress Recovery Program

Are you under a lot of stress these days? Learn how to relieve normal daily anxiety and stress in an easy and healthy way.

When we are stressed our bodies naturally kick into a “fight or flight” response. While our bodies are perfectly designed to ignite this mode in emergency situations, everyday stressors initiate this response and it eventually takes a toll on us physically and mentally.

When we are stressed out our bodies tend to go into an acidic state depleting the immune system, causing us to get sick more easily. Mineral intake will normalize the bodies homeostasis and alkaline its terrain, this helps fight off sickness! The buildup of toxins and acids combined with STRESS creates massive amounts of inflammation in your body and joints.  Your body will have to work that much harder to stay balanced and deal with the damaging effects the inflammation is causing.

Learning simple steps to alleviate stress can bring our bodies back to a balanced state that will allow increases energy and focus, combats illness, relieves aches and pains, and heightens problem-solving abilities .

Relaxation Response looks like….

  • Decreased heart rate
  • Breathing becomes slower and deeper
  • Blood pressure drops or stabilizes
  • Relaxing of the muscles
  • Your body begins to heal

Periods of stress can last just hours or many days. Any period of stress depletes the body of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that cause fatigue and decreased health and wellness.

Fight back with Stress-X, a nourishing blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes to help you relax, adapt, replace and nourish.

How To De-Stress

Breath– First and foremost, take a moment to sit down and breath deeply.Try to breathe from the abdomen, getting as much fresh air as possible in your lungs. The more oxygen you get, the Stess (2)less tense, short of breath, and anxious you feel!

Stress-X– Take a Chill Pill! This all natural blend of herbs, minerals, enzymes will nourish your body. Trace Minerals Research team added minerals including magnesium, calcium and over 72 ionic trace minerals to supercharge the formula for increased absorption and assimilation. They added a food concentrate complex that includes a Citrus Bioflavonoid complex, Rice Polishing concentrate, Spirulina and naturally occurring enzymes, including Amylase, Protease, Lipase and Cellulase. A few key anti-stress herbs they have mindfully chosen for this formula are:

  • Eleuthero Root -Also known as Siberian ginseng, is great for increasing stamina and simply great for promoting overall health.
  • Valerian Root– A root known for the ability to calm and promote better sleep. This root is found in many anti-anxiety and depression supplements on the market. Valerian seems to act like a sedative on the brain and nervous system.
  • Wood Betony Herb– Wood Betony has a powerful reputation to relieve migraines and anxiety.  It’s also claimed to treat ailments ranging from coughs to lack of libido. This super herb doesn’t stop there, it’s also supposed to help with toothaches, sleeping troubles, diarrhea, menstrual problems, mouth and throat irritations, and skin conditions! It really is the miracle herb.
  • Borage Herb–  Also known as starflower, it’s medicinal properties come from it’s leaves that supply calcium, vitamin c, potassium, fatty acids, and zinc. Borage is well known for its soothing qualities and has been used to treat nervous conditions for centuries. Borage is used to restore the adrenal glands to their natural balance, which in turn creates a calmer state.
  • Chamomile Flower– This flower is known to  be calming and have anti-inflammatory properties.  It’s therapeutic uses include a relaxing sleep aid, treatment for fevers, colds, and stomach ailments. Chamomile can be applied topically and is perfect at relaxing sore muscles and tight joints.
  • Hops Flower– Yes, this is the same hop that is used to brew beer! Hops help with anxiety, nervousness, irritability, tension, sleep disorders, and so much more. Hops is great for improving your appetite.
  • Skullcap Herb– This is a comforting herb that is traditionally used to alleviate nervous tension and exhaustion.  It has been used for more than 200 years as a mild relaxant and as a therapy for anxiety and convulsions.
  • Magnesium–  Famously known to provide protection from a number of chronic diseases, especially those associated with aging and stress. Mg helps our bodies maintain balance, avoid illness, perform well under stress, and maintain a general state of good health. Try a product called Aquon Matrix® by Selina Naturally® for your daily mineral and magnesium boost!

~Find your Stress-X today at selinanaturally.com and be stressed NO MORE!~


Maya’s Keto Cookies

Easy to make cookies, fun for kids to eat!

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Blend together with a mixer the room temperature cream cheese and butter. Mix in the lakanto and vanilla. In a separate bowl mix dry ingredients including the nuts and seeds. Beat in the eggs to the butter mixture then slowly add the dry ingredients until fully combined. Spoon batter onto a greased or parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

-Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes

* Maya says to ENJOY!12501968_1681336948772706_625364684_n


Happy Mother’s Day- Here’s a Pie!

~Chocolate Avocado Mousse Pie~make mom


1 cup walnuts or pecans

½ cup gluten free graham crackers

½ cup Coconut Organics® Coconut Nectar

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 pinch Celtic Sea Salt® Flower of the Ocean®


1 cup creamy Selina Naturally® Almond Butter

½ cup whipped cream


2 Soft Avocados

½  cup raw cacao powder

1 cup Coconut Organics® Coconut Nectar

1 pinch Celtic Sea Salt® Flower of the Ocean®


2 cups heavy whipping cream

1 cup coconut sugar (blended)

1 tsp vanilla

In a large food processor add the nuts, graham crackers, coconut nectar, cinnamon and salt. Pulse and blend until fully combined and the mixture becomes a tiny pebble texture. Remove the crust dough and spread it thinly in a pie dish. Rinse the food processor and set aside for use again.

Next start is the whipped cream. In a large bowl beat the heavy whipping cream and vanilla on high for a few minutes until it stiffens into a cream. In a vitamix blend on high 1 ½ cups of coconut sugar to make a powdered version. Blending it will cause it to go down to 1 cup. Once the cream has stiffed begin to slowly add the powdered coconut sugar in small batches at a time and whip in on a slower setting until all the sugar is combined.

Next put the almond butter into a medium sized bowl and fold in ½ cup of the whipped cream until fully combined.

Next add the avocados, raw cacao powder, coconut nectar, and salt into the food processor and blend until fully combined and completely smooth.

Once all the layers are prepared, now you can assemble the pie. Add the almond butter mixture on top of the crust and spread out so it forms about a ½ inch thick layer. Next add the chocolate layer so its about 1 inch thick. Then top with the whipped cream and spread across the pie. Garnish with some raw cacao powder sprinkled on top. Chill for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator before serving so the layers will firm up to make it easier to cut.

Enjoy cold!

~Recipe by Melissa Soares

10 Tips to Fight the Sniffles this Year!

Sinusitis- When Sniffles Turn Ugly

Juniper, The Happiest Fox enjoying spring. www.instagram.com/juniperfoxx/

It’s always a relief when the warm weather of spring coaxes green sprouts from dried grass. At last, we can go outdoors without piling on coats and scarves. We can go to the park, enjoy the sun,breathe in the fragrant air . . . uh-oh. It’s pollen season. Many of us will try not to breathe that fragrant air, instead we close our doors and windows, turn on air filters, and begin numerous methods to prevent the dreaded onset of springtime allergy season.

But pollen is not the only particle that poses problems to the respiratory system. Dust and indoor mold can irritate the sinuses of allergic persons and colds and flu attack everyone equally. Often allergy flare-ups and colds clear up easily. Sometimes they don’t: the sinuses become inflamed and a secondary infection, known as sinusitis or a sinus infection,sets in. In this article, we will consider the structure of the sinuses, how sinusitis develops and what can be done to prevent and treat sinusitis – naturally.

Colds, flu and allergies make you sneeze because foreign invaders (benign in the case of allergies) have entered the nose. The immune system is alerted and it sends white blood cells and other immune system mediators to the area to fight the invader. Mucus-producing cells produce more mucus to flush the invaders out of the body. The resulting feeling is a stuffy, runny nose – swollen from the immune system cells rushing to the area and runny from the excess mucus.

If you follow the nasal cavity upwards, you will find the sinus cavities. These are hollowed out areas that are lined with mucus membranes. When a person has a cold or allergies,these cavities often become inflamed. Sometimes,the inflammation is so substantial that the sinuses become blocked and cannot drain into the nasal cavity. When this happens, warm mucus sitting in the sinus cavity becomes the perfect medium for bacterial growth. The majority of sinus infections are caused by bacteria that have proliferated in an inflamed, blocked sinus cavity.

While a cold usually resolves in seven to ten days, sinus it is can last three weeks or longer. A person with sinusitis may have a low-grade fever, low energy, bad-tasting mucus drainage, post-nasal drip, facial pain and pressure, nasal obstruction, sore throat and other symptoms similar to a cold. Sinusitis most often progresses from a cold or an
acute allergic condition. The presence of thick yellow or green mucus is often the telltale sign that a sinus infection has developed, according Dr. Rob Ivker, author of Sinus Survival.

While colds and allergies are inconvenient, sinus it is can become a chronic lingering condition. A person can have sinusitis for weeks, months, even years.

It is important to stop sinusitis because of its potential to initiate a cycle of sickness. Sinusitis can damage the mucus membranes that line the sinus cavities, making a person more susceptible to colds and the flu and leading to further acute cases of sinusitis. Nasal polyps can develop which also block the sinus passages and again lead to sinusitis.That’s the bad news – now for the good. There are many methods for reestablishing healthy sinuses. The firststep is recognizing that healing is an option. Your sinuses can heal, with your help. The following guidelines provide a multifaceted approach to healing sinusitis.

#1 Address the problem from many perspectives. Consider emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of your health. If you have sinusitis, you are probably trying to do too much. Is your body trying to get your attention? Set aside some time every day to meditate or pray. Decide to embark on healing your body, mind and spirit.

#2 Treat the problem. Wash away the infection. Using a neti pot with our Celtic Sea Salt® or other method of irrigation will literally wash out the bacteria. You can use a neti or nasal pot several times a day if you have an active infection or as needexylitold to keep infection from recurring. If your sinus passages are blocked, try doing some light aerobic exercises before using the neti pot. This will temporarily open the passages, allowing you to rinse them out. In addition to irrigation,using a saline nasal spray throughout th
e day will help keep the mucus membranes moist and healthy. After rinsing with a neti pot, use a colloidal silver nasal spray. Anecdotal evidence suggests that colloidal silver discourages growth of bacteria. Colloidal silver is a powerful tool that can help resolve an existing sinus infection. There is another product, Xylitol Sinus Nasal Spray, which can be used to discourage bacterial growth as well. Buy today at Selina Naturally®, click HERE. Nasal irrigation, saline spray and colloidal silver nasal spray should all be used to treat a sinus infection – one is not a replacement for the other. If you are hesitant about squirting things up your nose, challenge yourself – there is no other better natural way to clear and prevent sinus infections.

#3 Get plenty of rest Most people need at least eight hours of sleep each night.When you are sick, you need more. Commit to getting better, go to bed early.

#4 Exercise. You are almost never too sick to go on a short walk. Even a brief walk will help get your lymph system moving, stimulating your immune system. As you get better, increase aerobic activity – this will help create a healthy respiratory system. Dance, run, walk and exercise in a way that challenges your respiratory system to open up and forces you to breathe deeply. If you have not broken a sweat exercising in a while, go slow and see your doctor before starting a regimen.

#5 Get hydrated with water and steam. Drink water,which thins the mucus helping it to move out of the nasal passages. Inhale steam by leaning over a pot #of water that has boiled and is taken off the heat. Put a towel over your head and put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the steaming water. This helps to unclog and nourish the sinuses.

#6 Consider your diet. Pack your diet with fresh vegetables and you will consume a wide range of antioxidants,
vitamins, minerals and other factors that will help your immune system to function in high gear. Highly processed,sugary foods deliver no nutrients and may even contribute to congestion. If you don’t always eat as “healthy” as you believe you should, make three simple changes: whole grains instead of processed grains, lots of vegetables and no sugar.Food allergies can be a factor in sinus allergies. If you have had seasonal inhalation allergies all your life, but suddenly find that you are allergic all the time, consider the
possibility of food allergies. The most likely food culprits:dairy foods, wheat, soy, and eggs.

#7 If you are in a cycle of catching one cold after another,it is important to arm yourself against these viruses. Your sinus membranes need time to heal. Many herbalists strongly believe that taking echinacea at the first sign of a cold, several times that first day, can help your immune system fight off the virus. Certain essential oils, like tea tree and eucalyptus have anti-viral properties. Dab these oils behind your ears and on your wrists when you have that first feeling that a cold may be coming on. Consider working with an acupuncturist or other healing arts practitioner who can help you re-establish a balanced immune system.

#8 If you are having non-stop allergies, again consider the possibility of food allergies. There are a number of supplements that can help allergies, including vitamin C, quercetin, and nettle leaf. If you are unable to treat your allergies with natural measures, it may be worthwhile to see a doctor for pharmaceutical aid. With sinusitis, it is imperative to let the sinuses rest and heal. If the sinuses are under constant assault from allergies, they will not be able to heal. If a drug is necessary,it should be considered part of the treatment- eat healthy, exercise and rinse your sinuses.

#9 Pay attention to your breath. Working with the breath is a very powerful way to get in touch with your body and address deep-seated issues that may lie beneath your respiratory troubles.

#10 Still sick? See your doctor, a chiropractor, or a naturopath. Use the many healing modalities available to embrace healing. Sinusitis presents an excellent opportunity to realign your lifestyle with your ideals. We often put a high priority on health in our mind. Yet, in the day to day busyness of life our ideals can get pushed to the side. Give the healing process priority. When your sinuses heal, you too will delight in the fresh, fragrant air of spring.


-Article by Sabrina Marie Thomas

Maintaining an Alkaline Terrain

Article by- Dr. Shamim Daya

An excess of acid waste in the human body is the root cause of all disease. An acid condition is a breeding ground for the chronic conditions of arthritis, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, recurrent colds and flu, eczema and psoriasis. An acidic condition can lead to excess weight gain,  cancer, nervous exhaustion, and depression.

A healthy body produces, then eliminates acidic wastes.   When these acid wastes are not completely eliminated, they are reabsorbed into general circulation throughout the body. From general circulation, un-eliminated acid wastes are deposited in the body’s essential tissues. In the tissues, acidic wastes attack joints, tissues, muscles, organs and glands and cause minor and major dysfunction.

The word terrain describes a person’s general predispositions, his or her physiological, chemical, and even mental strengths and weaknesses. An alkaline terrain provides and sustains health. An acidic terrain destroys the vital energy of the body. An acidic terrain is a breeding ground for parasites, fungus, and viruses.   In an alkaline terrain, these disease-producing invaders cannot survive.


A body becomes acidic when it is stressed on one or all of the three levels of being physical, mental and emotional. In this way, all three levels of being affect the physical well being of the body.

On a physical level, diet plays a large role in the development and acidic or alkaline terrain. The standard American diet- fast foods, refined sugar, caffeine, prepackaged frozen foods, processed foods and bleached flours- encourages an acidic terrain.  All processed foods lose the fiber and minerals necessary to maintain an alkaline terrain in the body. These essential minerals are already scarce in our modern American diets because modern agricultural practices deplete the soil of its mineral content.  Supplementing your diet with minerals is an important factor in maintaining an alkaline terrain.   The electrically charged Aquon® Matrix is an excellent source of ionized minerals. This electrical charge will direct the minerals into the cells where they are needed.

In addition to what we eat, how our body digests food plays an important role in the health of the body. When we over- consume foods that are acid-forming, we harm the ability of our digestive tract to produce adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid. Improper lemondigestion of food contributes to more acid waste production.

Movement and exercise affect the body’s terrain as well. Regular gentle exercise such as walking, swimming, and dancing helps to move toxins out of the body and to establish an alkaline terrain.  In addition to regular exercise, massage and other body therapies- further advance the elimination of acidic wastes.

The more we understand health, the more we know how the body works holistically. The physical, mental, and emotional levels of being all work together to achieve good health. How we think can positively or negatively affect our health!

If you suspect you have an acidic terrain, you may improve your health by considering the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being. Admittedly, changing your diet, exercising regularly, thinking positive, and dealing healthfully with your emotions all at once can be overwhelming.    Greater health can be achieved by being gentle with yourself and setting achievable goals. The following check list can help you devise a simple plan for establishing an alkaline terrain.

  • Eat more fresh and alkaline forming foods (such as lemons and limes, cayenne, Celtic Sea Salt, millet, sprouted nuts and seeds, dates and figs, umeboshi plums, kudzu root, sea vegetables, watery, green and leafy vegetables), see the Food Therapy video for further details.
  • Take digestive enzymes with meals to aid in digestion. Selina Naturally® carries a  line of probitoics such as: fermentation kits, kefirs, kraut, supplements, and more.
  • Supplement your diet with essential fatty acids and vitamin C to unblock important metabolic pathways.
  • Drink pure, room temperature water to flush out acidic waste.
  • Keep the bowels moving well by eating adequate fiber and drinking plenty of water.
  • Supplement your diet with minerals to nourish an alkaline terrain. The Aquon® Matrix to-go supplement is one of the easiest ways to return harmony to your body through re-mineralization.
  • Exercise regularly to oxygenate the body and open the channels of elimination
  • Brush wet or dry skin using a natural bristle brush to open up lymphatic channels and eliminate the acid toxins. Celtic Sea Salt® Bath Salt soaks are ideal for revitalizing and balancing the skins pH.
  • Make time for recreation, relaxation, music, prayer and meditation to bring peace and harmony into your life.



Dr. Shamim Daya is a medical practitioner in England specializing in nutrition, food therapy and women’s health.  She is the producer of the video, Food Therapy, and has a great passion for using food as much as possible to regain and maintain good health.

Aquon Matrix®- The Revolutionary Supplement

Foto chicasBalance-Hydrate-Mineralize

Minerals help meet the nutritional needs of our cells. They are responsible for the formation of our body tissue, making  hormones and as controllers they also serve organic functions through regulatory action. Sea water is naturally perfectly regulated and maintains a homeostasis balance. Homeostasis is a phenomena of self-regultaion that lead to maintaining consistency in the properties and composition of the internal environment of an organism.

Since all mineral seawater components appear in similar proportions to our blood plasma, Aquon Matrix® is designed to help regenerate and re-mineralize our bodies! This electrolyte balance is critically important for things like hydration, nerve impulses, muscle function, strengthens the immune system and pH level.

Aquon Matrix®  is the first hexagonally structured and micro-filtered seawater . No other material cAGUA-HELADA1-300x300an replace this function in such an efficient way. Since water is capable of storing energy, it is also the perfect medium for the transfer of it within a biological system. Hexagonal water has a higher energy capacity therefore carries energy and improves the system of metabolic waste and toxin removal.

Aquon Matrix® is collected in very specific phytoplankton and zooplankton, rich areas of Brittany. The choice of these areas ensures a constant organic and mineral
composition, and the purity of its waters ensure the bio availability of all mineral elements in the seawater. Water is collected at 98 ft (30-meter) depth, which is known as solar penetration area, to ensure the best quality. It is then micro-filtered at a cool temperatures in clean rooms to avoid altering its mineral and organic composition.

Cellular health is dependent on a particular concentration of minerals and electrolytes.


Selina Naturally® now carries this nutrient rich supplement that has already gained attention in European markets for years. We sell boxes Aquon Matrix® Hyper & Iso  which are presented as 30 drinkable to-go sticks that contain per 10 ml. Among other minerals, Aquon Matrix® contain:

Aquon Matrix®  Hyper & Iso

Aquon Matrix® Hyper & Iso

  • Calcium -4.10 mg
  • Magnesium – 12.64 mg
  • Potassium – 3.93 mg
  • Sodium – 108.73 mg
  • Bicarbonates – 1.31 mg
  • Chloride – 183.70 mg
  • Sulfates – 25.17 mg

Your Liver is the Key!


-by Xandria Williams, Naturopath, Nutritionist, & NLP Practitioner

liverrunnerYour liver is a  triangular organ situated below your right lung. It is an amazingly busy organ. Other organs have only a few jobs to do. Your heart, for instance, pumps blood; your kidneys filter blood and produce urine; your spleen deals with the blood cells of your immune system, and your lungs take in new air and expel old air.

Conversely, the liver performs many hundreds of different reactions. Because of the huge number of reactions that take place in the liver, there are a wide number of health problems that can result when things   go   wrong.   For  this reason, it pays you to look after your liver, and, fortunately, there are a lot of simple things you can do.


A very important role played by your liver is that of detoxification. It is up to your liver to deal with almost all the toxins that enter your body, either via the air you breathe or what you swallow. Your  liver also processes the compounds that  your body has made and you no longer need, such as various hormones.


Your liver also plays a vitally important role in the digestive process. It produces the bile that is stored in your gall bladder, the  tiny sac that  sits tucked under the liver. When you eat fat, some of this bile is squirted into the duodenum and helps in the process of fat digestion. If this doesn’t happen, the presence of undigested food will make you feel nauseous. A variety of unwanted reactions can then occur, leading to the production of unpleasant smells and bad breath. Bile also stimulates  peristalsis, which  is  the‘rolling’ action of alternating squeezing and relaxing of the muscles along the walls of your digestive system that propels food along. Without this action of bile, waste products can remain  static, become dried  up and difficult to pass. This stasis not only leads to constipation, it can also lead to such unpleasant and  painful problems as spastic bowel, diverticulitis and hemorrhoids.


An unhealthy environment in the digestive tract makes it easier for candida albicans to  develop and lead to all symptoms of systemic thrush. You may be doing all you can to treat the problem, avoiding the  foods that  contain  yeasts or ferments and taking the appropriate supplements, yet not be eradicating the problem. If so, or if you simply wish to speed up the treatment, then consider your liver.


Hypoglycemia literally  means ‘low sugar blood’  or  low blood sugar levels. When  your  blood sugar falls below the normal range, you feel shaky, tired, in need of a pick-me-up and find your moods swinging wildly from irritability to  depression. Your  liver plays many roles in sugar metabolism. It stores glycogen (animal starch) which can be used to release glycose into the blood stream. It is also an important storehouse of the B vitamins, which are essential for normal sugar metabolism.


If your memory and concentration aren’t what they used to be, it may not be your brain’s fault. The problem could be caused by a lack of the necessary nutrients and the presence in the blood of toxins that your liver is not eliminating. A detoxification program that  supports the liver could be your answer to better mental alertness.


You’re  nicer than  you think  you are. You may be cross and irritable, but that may not  be ‘you,’  it  may be due  to faulty  chemistry. Hypoglycaemia can make you irritable, so can allergies, and both  can  result from  liver problems. Detox your liver and uncover a kinder, gentler you.


All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Your liver also may improve recurrent headaches, help normalize cholesterol levels,  increase  energy  levels,  and improve weight loss results. The  list goes on! There are many things people do that  put  an extra and unnecessary strain on the liver. Drinking alcohol is one of these. On average, your liver is able to detoxify two glasses of wine in twenty-four hours. Cigarette smoking is another problem, and both first and second-hand  smoking  are  included here. The toxins that  enter the blood via the  lungs,  or  via the  saliva and digestive tract,  then  go  to  the  liver where they are processed. Your liver is a vitally important organ that impacts virtually every part of your body. It should also be clear that there is much you can do to support it and aid in your own health maintenance program. Doing it, however, is up to you!

Ways to Support a Healthy Liver

1. Education- Save you seat today at our Live Free Love Your Liver Webinar happening online, dates and registration link are soon to come. Take the first steps into getting your liver health under control just by listening! The webinar will be hosted by Bioscience International.  Their team is a think tank of researchers and advanced scientists in the fields of bioscience, joined together to optimize health regeneration and immune support and bring you the most potent medicinal nutraceuticals to enhance your body’s natural ability to recode itself for optimal healing…They know what they are talking about. Find Their amazing products at Selina Naturally®.

2. Fruits, vegetables and salads should form the backbone of your diet.Whenever possible, buy foods that have been organically grown. These foods provide a wide range of nutrients, and can provide fiber to help reduce constipation. They also leave an alkaline residue in the body that helps to balance the acid residue left by grains, starchy. Grains have their place in the diet, but it is important that they are unrefined.This gives your liver the minerals and B vitamins found in the bran, and the extra fiber that, by absorbing the cholesterol secreted via your gallbladder, helps your liver to maintain a normal blood cholesterol level.foods, proteins, fats and acidic fruits.Globe artichoke and beetroot are particularly liver-friendly.

3. Protein foods are important because your liver is made predominantly of protein and a relatively small amount off at. If you reduce your protein intake and do other things to harm the liver, your body actually mobilizes and uses some of the liver’s protein.


    Find Liver Strength by Bioscience at Selina                                      Naturally®!

4. Minimize sugar, which stresses the liver in a variety of ways, provides no nutrients, yet uses up, for digestion, some of the precious B vitamins stored in the liver. Keep alcohol consumption to a maximum of two glasses of wine (or its equivalent) per day. Try to buy wines that are low in sulphates to minimize your liver’s toxic load.

5. Water is an often unsung hero. Drinking plenty of water is essential to any detoxification program. Aim to drink one to two liters a day, preferably spring or purified water.

6. Supplements are also important. If your liver is in trouble, they will definitely help, but even when it is fully healthy, nutritional supplements have an important role to play in keeping it that way. Certain amino acids and their derivatives are extremely important, including methionine, cysteine, cystine, taurine, glutamine and glutathion. Almost all the vitamins are important to the liver,but the B complex are especially so, as is Coenzyme Q-10. Antioxidants can also be beneficial. Check out the NEW supplement called Liver Strength by Bioscience International, available at Selina Naturally®! Liver Strength is a breakthrough in liver health and science. Using our patent-pending bioactive proteins and fermented, bioavailable minerals encased in liposomal oils, Liver Strength may help strip the liver of toxins and simultaneously repair its function. The bioactive proteins and targeted electrolytes found in Liver Strength are the primary components for cellular regeneration.

Liver Loving Recipe 

Pomegranate Salad w/ Lemon Coconut Dressing Pomegranates  have  been reputed for millenia for their therapeutic properties  to aid digestion,  for stomach  ailments and for sore  eyes. Today,  they are   acclaimed for  their  disease-fighting  antioxidant potential. Preliminary studies suggest  that pomegranate  juice may contain almost three times the total antioxidant ability compared with the same quantity of green  tea or red wine.  It  also  provides   a substantial amount of potassium, is high in fiber and contains vitamin C and niacin.

pomengrante-salad_33Dressing, combine in a cup:



  • 2 cups mesclun salad greens
  • fresh orange segments
  • 1 cup fennel bulb, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

Arrange the salad on a serving plate and drizzle with dressing and ENJOY!


Turmeric Hemp Hummus

Turmeric Hemp Hummus

Recipe by Michelle Menogue, A Student at Maryland University of Integrative Health



 Ingredients and medicinal properties:

  • 1.5 cup garbanzo beans
  • ¼ cup hemp seeds: Essential fatty acid that assists with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, aiding digestion, and assisting blood sugar regulation (Waters, 2008).
  • ¼ cup Tahini
  • ¼ cup golden flax seed oil: Helps with arthritis, decreasing cholesterol, decreasing blood pressure, and neurological conditions (WebMD, 2015).
  • 1 Tbsp. ground turmeric: Known as a high yielding superpower in nature, it is highly regarded for its ability to fight inflammation, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. (Aggarwal, 2011).
  • ½ tsp fresh ground black pepper
  • 2 cloves of fresh garlic: Decreases incidence of many chronic diseases associated with oxidation, inflammation, cancer, and heart disease (Aggarwal, 2011).
  • ½ cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tsp Celtic Sea Salt®


  1. Place all ingredients in a food processor








     2. Blend until smooth and creamy.










3. Transfer to a bowl and serve! It will keep for 1 week in the refrigerator in a closed container.











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