About Celtic Sea Salt®

About Celtic Sea Salt® Brand

Celtic Sea Salt® products are 100% natural, which means they are unrefined, unwashed and additive-free: all of the benefits are therefore preserved. The main feature of Celtic Sea Salt® is its alkaline pH and its richness and balance in minerals: sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium calcium, iron, etc.

Celtic Sea Salt® is recommended for use in these Diets : Paleo Diet, Body Ecology Diet, Water Cures Diet, Westin A. Price Diet, Master Cleanse Diet.

The Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Promise

Our 40 years experience allows us to know the kind of quality you should expect from a high mineral sea salt.

The high standards of Celtic Sea Salt® brand promise includes:

  • We inspect at the harvesting site
  • We keep quality control in all steps of production from harvest to packaging
  • Fair business practices with our farmers
  • Lab analysis done by a 3rd party laboratory for each lot.
  • Alkaline pH
  • Recommended by nutritionist
  • Sustainably harvested / NOT mined
  • Unrefined, all natural sea salt
  • An excellent and elegant taste
  • Purity and authenticity guaranteed
  • Packaged in kosher and certified organic facility From our family to yours we wish you a lifetime of wellbeing.
Paludiers at the Salt Marshes

Photo by l’Office de Tourisme de Guérande

Since 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand sea salts have developed a reputation as some of the finest salts in the world, and many health professional and culinary chefs recommend Celtic Sea Salt® Brand by name.  As some of the most popular salts in the world, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand sea salts are synonymous with healthy, delicious sea salts, and are sold in hundreds of natural food stores throughout the United States, including chains such as Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats Markets and Earth Fare. 

Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt Products

Jacques Delangre, Founder of Celtic Sea Salt®Jacques De Langre founded The Grain & Salt Society® in 1976 out of a passion for improving the health of people around the world through nutrition and education. A dynamic man, Jacques was an accomplished author, biologist and researcher.

As the exclusive distributor of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand, to this day Selina Naturally™ continues the legacy of The Grain & Salt Society® to connect people with products and information to empower mindful choices toward a healthier lifestyle. We also endeavor to introduce customers to uncommon artisan products from around the globe that are unique both in the benefits they impart and the opportunities they create.  We focus on whole foods-based nutrition, supporting individuals through every step of their journey toward improved health.

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