Welcome to The Official Celtic Sea Salt® Blog

Two Generations of Celtic Sea Salt® Family Members at the site of harvest

Everyone at Selina Naturally would like to welcome you to the official Celtic Sea Salt® blog.

Here you will find great information on the power of healthy Celtic sea salt, delicious recipes, health & wellness resources and so much more.

Celtic Sea Salt® Brand – The Original Brand – is authentic, unprocessed, gourmet, whole salt from one of the most pristine coastal regions of Brittany, France among other quality salt marshes around the world.

Since 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand has been hand-harvested by paludiers (salt farmers) using a traditional farming method that preserves the purity and balance of ocean minerals.

Which is why it’s been strongly recommended by doctors like Dr. Thomas S. Cowan, M.D., “Many illnesses are caused or exacerbated by trace-mineral deficiencies. These can be avoided by the liberal use of Celtic Sea Salt® in your cooking and the complete avoidance of all other salts, all of which contain only pure sodium chloride.”

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to The Official Celtic Sea Salt® Blog

  1. Ann Evanston says:

    First I love that you are doing a blog – telling my clients how important it is all the time! Second, how can you NOT love that salt can be good for you!

    Ann Evanston
    the Warrior is Within You

  2. celticseasaltblog says:

    Thanks Ann, we appreciate the support!

    Please share this blog with those you care about. We are making it a great resource for everything health & wellness.

  3. Nancy Van Fleet says:

    I just ordered a 5 lb. bag of the Light Grey Celtic. It was recommended by Isabel De Los Rios. I am looking forward to getting and trying it. I have been using sea salt for a couple of years, but nothing that looks as pure as this except the Redmond. Thanks for this product.

  4. Missy Overby says:

    Chiropractor Ronnie Douglas of Tumwater, WA recommended Dr. Brownstein’s book to me as he has seen me suffer with fibro for almost two decades now. When I got the book, I got a sample and wonderful taste of the gray. I have always used sea salt and now to read the difference is amazing. As a nurse, I am curious about increasing dependent swelling in my legs since I work at a computer 40 hours a week. Right now I am still learning and will take the all things in moderation approach. I am curious about the bath salt for muscle aches and what sort of feedback you may be getting from anyone but especially those folks with fibromyalgia. Please let me know.

  5. Celtic Sea Salt® Blog says:

    Dr. Brownstein’s book is a true testiment to the amazing benefits of sea salt! Sea salt is a remedy for removing toxins in the body, as you have discovered through your readings. As those toxins are removed from the body, perhaps the pain would decrease and possibly be eliminated as a result. This is a wonderful topic to discuss with your medical provider for advice and recommendations. We would love for you to share your feedback of our Celtic Sea Salt Bath Salt and the results you have witnessed on our website under “Ratings and Reviews“.

  6. Sandra says:

    Thanks for spreading the importance of this amazing salt. We hear so much about how bad salt is but that is not Celtic Salt. I am helping to spread the word for sure!

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