The Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Celery Salt Cocktail By Michele the Trainer

Cocktail _Michelle

No no no I’m not advocating alcohol, but if you try this my way, this is a refreshing drink that will aid hydration, and add essential minerals and fiber to your life! First begin by gathering a few ingredients;

1 Large mixing bowl

2 Small saucers (one for salt, one for juice)

1 Big beautiful 12-16 oz. tall glass

1 High speed blender

1 Cutting Knife

1 Cutting board


Juice some organic limes and lemons into one of the small bowls

Put some Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Celery salt into the other small bowl

Dip your beautiful glass rim into the juice

Then salt the rim of your glass by dipping into the other small bowl with Celtic Celery Sea Salt®


Chop/Dice the following veggies small and mix in a bowl:

Chopped Organic Green Onion

Chopped Organic Red Radish

Chopped Organic Haas Avocado

Chopped Organic Persian Cucumber

 Stick the following into the side of your glass; making sure they stick out of the top of your glass like little trees:

1 or 2 Decorative Organic Persian Cucumber “Spears”

1 Organic Celery Stalk

1 Organic Cilantro “Tree”

Then fill your glass with the chopped veggie mixture from your bowl.

With your high speed blender, liquefy (you can strain if you wish):

Organic Roma Tomatoes

Organic Cilantro (handful or omit if you’d like)

Celtic Sea Salt® Celery Salt (to taste)

Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Black Pepper (to taste)

Pour this into your glass over all of the veggies.  Don’t leave any spaces!

Top with lots of Organic Lime and Lemon Juice to Taste.

Que Sabor!

Of course you can easily add calories to this (one way or another), but if you’re trying to lose weight, as it is you only have to limit your avocado which is fabulous!


 Note from Celtic Sea Salt®:

Spicy?  If you love spicy, try Chicaoji Chipotle Chile Sauce made with Celtic Sea Salt® to taste, to the tomato mixture before pouring into the glass.

Keep the bottle handy!


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