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If you have ever looked for high quality, low toxicity body care— the Selina Naturally line of Rare Body® bath, body, and oral care products are for you.

The granddaughter of Jacque Delangre, Colette Delangre, started the Rare Body® line as an extension of the Celtic Sea Salt® way—nourishing, raw ingredients to help your skin glow and your body thrive with health.

They can be used by everyone and are formulated for all skin types, you can use our products knowing they are created with natural, healthy ingredients packaged in the US in a production facility that is CGMP- certified (Current Good Manufacturing Practice).

With a variety of products, the whole line consists of Body Oils, Body Butters, Bath Salts, Salt Scrubs, and even coconut oil pulling all naturally flavored with edible essential oils of your choice between peppermint, cinnamon, or birch.

What is in the Rare Body® care line?

It is easy to talk about “natural” ingredients—but with any consumer health and beauty product, it is important to know what you are getting.  Here is what we use to create affordable Rare Body® products that you can feel good about using:

  •         Sweet almond oil:  Naturally rich in antioxidants, sweet almond oil is used to protect your skin from damage from UV radiation, and the natural stress of aging.  Along with peaches, plums, nectarines, and others, almonds are a stone fruit.
  •         Babassu oil:  A vegetable oil, babassu oil is used in food and skin products, as well as cleaning products.  Lesser known than coconut oil, babassu oil, when pressed into a butter melts in your hand with a rich, moisturizing result.  We use babassu oil for its fatty acids that moisturize hair and skin naturally.
  •         Celtic Sea Salt®:  Our family of salts is found in our Rare Body® products.  Salt crystals from the Natural Celtic Sea Salt® brand contain many trace elements including manganese, zinc, and iron.  Our bath salts dissolve quickly, soften your skin, and ease your mind. We geographically locate our coastal salt farms carefully to ensure your Celtic Sea Salt® is free from contaminants—and we harvest, not process, our salt.
  •         Cocoa butter:  A favorite of humankind, cacao beans, inside the pods like you see above, produce products like chocolate and cocoa butter.  Cocoa butter is well known for its moisturizing effects, and helps with stretch marks, the signs of aging, and deep skin hydration.
  •         Carrot seed oil:  Made from the seeds of Queen Annes lace, or Daucus carota, wild carrot seed oil is a longtime natural remedy.  It is used for its antioxidant properties and protection against aging and UV radiation.  Carrot seed oil products should not be used by women who are, or are considering becoming pregnant.

These are only a few of the ingredients we use in our products.  We source sustainably, and in keeping with Free Trade practices.  Our high quality, reasonably priced products are offered with your health and happiness in mind—love your Rare Body!

Products you can trust from Selina Naturally®

Rare Body® beauty products are just one of the products we produce. Selina Naturally® is also dedicated to being your trusted provider of organic, gluten-free, nourishing and vegan gourmet products. Our healthy selection includes foods, vitamins and herbs, earth-friendly bath and beauty products, recipes, and books.

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Is Beauty Only Skin Deep? By Laralyn RiverWind

More Than the Skin You’re In

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The age-old adage that “Beauty is only skin deep” is one that has both comforted and vexed many a maiden throughout the centuries. Along with it comes the softly-whispered implication that there is much one can do to improve the character and temperament but we must live with the hand we have been dealt concerning this soul-giftwrapping we call “skin.” Had the sages of old texted, blogged, or instant messaged me prior to going to print on this now-widespread proverb, I would have humbly suggested the following revision: “Beauty begins deeper than the skin.”

The skin is a report card of our internal health status. Skin health is a complex issue that should be treated both from the inside out and the outside in. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Drink water. Sounds like a no-brainer but it’s vital. Just can’t do 8 glasses a day? Then just increase from what you are doing. Every little bit helps.
  • Consider adding fresh squeezed juice of vegetables and fruits to your daily intake. Oftentimes, skin disorders can be due to or exacerbated by a deficiency in one or more minerals.
  • Make sure your daily intake of omega fatty acids is sufficient. You would be surprised at how much this one tip can help.
  • Avoid (or at least lessen) alcohol intake. No? Okay, at least drink more water to counteract the drying effects of alcohol.
  • Eliminate dietary triggers. Many people who have skin disorders are unaware that food sensitivities often trigger flare-ups of dermal problems. Contact a naturopath or other dietary specialist who can test you to determine what you should avoid.
  • Make sure that everything that touches your skin, is helpful to it. From laundry detergents to hand soap to the material of your clothing, all of them should be non-irritating and as natural as possible.
  • Consider making dry skin brushing part of your daily routine. Great for circulation, exfoliation and stimulation of cellular regeneration, this part of your hygiene routine will keep your skin glowing.
  • Have warm (not hot) showers and baths (Native Touch Bath Products). Even a few degrees cooler can help the skin retain its own moisture. And while we’re in the shower, so to speak, banish the archaic belief that soap will dry your skin. Modern bar soap recipes are typically designed to leave a layer of moisturizing natural oils on the skin to aid with emulsion rather than leave it stripped and dry.
  • Use a good natural moisturizer. I invented my own and began a company, Native Touch; but you don’t have to go quite so far. Once you find what works, use it on a daily basis so you are proactively nourishing your skin rather than re-actively treating its problems. Maintenance is always easier than repair.

So, embrace your skin’s challenges and rise to the occasion.  After all, it is only what you have made it to be. You CAN overcome. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.


Laralyn RiverWind

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Laralyn RiverWind is the CEO and co-founder of Native Touch, formulator and manufacturer of all natural skin care. She is currently the Vice President of the North Carolina Natural Products Association and in her final months of study for a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Master Herbalist degree. She has recently been appointed the Tekina (Tribal Spokesperson) of the Ma’Oconuco Taino Indian Nation.


Native Touch Products at Selina Naturally®

Introducing Native Touch, 10% Off Plus a Free Giveaway!

Native Touch from Selina Naturally®

As you probably know by now, at Selina Naturally® we pride ourselves in constantly searching all over the world for unique products of uncommon quality. We are all the more blessed when we find these products in our own backyard! Our newest favorite company, Native Touch, is located right here in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Joseph & Laralyn RiverWind are the founders and co-owners of Native Touch. They are also nationally acclaimed, NAMMY (Native American Music Awards) winning recording artists in the band The Blessed Blend, composing and performing music that blends Native American and Celtic sounds to create a harmony of tribal music from these two ancient and still-thriving indigenous cultures.

Joseph is US Army veteran of and a strong proponent for veterans’ rights. He currently serves his tribe as the War Chief of the Jaguar Clan for the Ma[Oconuco Taino Indian Nation.

Laralyn is an herbal biologist currently working on her doctorate in naturopathy. Abandoning her traditional western medicine education, she opted to return to her roots (literally!) to the herbal medicine her father taught her from youth. All of Native Touch’s herbal products are all-natural and original formulations of Laralyn RiverWind.

Native Touch Products at Selina Naturally®

Native Touch manufactures 100% Natural, Vegan certified skin care, made in the USA. We are so pleased to be offering four different Native Touch products at the Selina Naturally® store:

Native Touch Rooting Bear Rub – The worse cases of dry, flaky, irritated skin will cower under the remarkable moisturizing power of Rooting Bear Rub. Effective on a variety of skin ailments, including eczema, rash, inflamation, Lupus scarring, psoriasis, sensitivity, this potent rub is made from a proprietary blend of Organic, Fair Trade Shea butter, Lavender oil, Tea Tree oil, and Rosemary oil.

Native Touch Warrior Bear Rub – This highly concentrated formula of essential oils of tea tree, lavender, and rosemary in a base of pure, unrefined, wildcrafted shea butter harnesses the awesome health-giving power of nature to war for the health of your skin. While the Warrior Bear Rub his rub has the same ingredients as the Rooting Bear Rub, Warrior Bear Rub has a much higher concentration of essential oils and is a salve intended for the toughest skin problems.

Native Touch Deep Breath Bath Salts – Let nature soothe you during the rough times. Aromatic, drawing and cleansing, these bath salts will invigorate your body and breath and open pathways to a clearer and cleaner you. Breathe deep. Be well.

Native Touch Dream Catcher Soap – Let those elusive good dreams come through with the help of lavender and chamomile soap. Each bar of soap exceeds industry standards in moisturizing abilities, bar hardness, and long lasting, plentiful lather.

Joseph and Laralyn RiverWind of Native Touch

We were honored to have Joseph and Laralyn visit the Selina Naturally® office last week for a product training. We can say with 100% certainty, this was the most entertaining product training Selina Naturally® has ever seen. After assigning a Native name to each employee, they walked us through their products and the amazing healing properties of each. They finished the training with a breath-taking serenade.

Native Touch at Selina Naturally®

We are so excited about these Native Touch products, we’re giving you a double deal on them:

  • For the next week, use coupon code EPNATIVE to save 10% on any Native Touch products from the Selina Naturally® website. This offer expires Tuesday, 8/12 at Midnight.
  • Also, we are giving away one free full-sized Native Touch product! Simply leave a comment in the blog comments section below stating which of the four Native Touch products you would like if you win. We will pick a random entry on Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Be sure to include an email address where you can be contacted in order to be eligible to win!

We are so pleased to announce the winner of our Native Touch giveaway: Congratulations Debbie Delwiche!  Debbie, we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your Warrior Bear Rub from Native Touch.

Remember to stay tuned to the Celtic Sea Salt® blog to learn about more great new products and exciting giveaways!

Native Touch Products at Selina Naturally®To learn more about Native Touch, visit their website or Facebook page. To purchase Native Touch products, and hundreds of other products of uncommon quality, please visit Selina Naturally®.

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