Jacques de Langre: Birthday Tribute to the Founder of Celtic Sea Salt®

“Pioneers like Jacques de Langre aren’t born, they are sent – by a Higher Power”

Jacques de LangreBeginnings

Jacques de Langre was born on September 22, 1925 in Clifton, New Jersey to Belgian parents.

While still an infant, his family returned with him to Belgium. Jacques received his formal education during WWII. It was then that he became aware of “Do-In” and other Oriental healing sciences, he marveled at Eastern philosophy.

The liberation of Belgium in 1944 prompted young de Langre to enlist in the United States Army. During his service he worked as an interpreter/photographer/interviewer in the war crimes investigation branch of the U.S. Army.

As a photographer, Jacques attended the Nuremberg Trials and became acquainted with top German defendants while taking their portraits.

Meeting Yvette

In 1947 Jacques met his future wife, Yvette, and shortly after their wedding returned with her to the United States. Nutrition was a high priority of the de Langre and when they were not able to purchase the wholesome foods that they were used to, they educated themselves in natural living and logistic healing.

Both Jacques and Yvette began teaching natural health philosophy through lectures, cooking classes, and study groups. Jacques was invited and lectured throughout the United States, France Belgium, England and Italy.

The First Book of Do-In, Mr. Michio Kushi and Bread

Jacques was noted for his extensive knowledge of “Do-In,” the ancient art of self-diagnosis and therapeutic massage.

It was through the teaching of the Japanese scholar, Mr. Michio Kushi, and his own studies that Jacques was inspired to write “The First Book of Do-In.” This book of revolutionary concepts was published for the first time in dual Language, English and French edition. It has since been published in German, Italian,Spanish and Portuguese.

Also of note was Jacques’ passion for self-leavened whole wheat bread. He developed this passion while working with relatives in their Belgian boulangerie (bakery). In time, Jacques developed his own recipes. His delectable loaves were made from the finest Montana whole grain wheat which he milled fresh in his stone mill.

The bread was seasoned with natural unrefined Celtic Sea Salt®, raised by the dough’s own naturally occurring yeast, and then baked in his wood fired brick oven. The end result being the most beautiful loaves exuding a wonderful hardy bread aroma, and a taste that would complement any gourmet meal.

He taught many classes in bread baking and helped start several bakeries across the country one of which is French Meadow.

Celtic Sea Salt®George Ohsawa and Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers

In 1960 Mr. Delangre met Mr. George Ohsawa, world renowned Japanese philosopher and teacher of Oriental medicine.

After many encounters and discussions they realized that they shared the same views on the importance of unrefined, whole salt in the diet and Mr. Ohsawa encouraged Jacques to write a book on the subject. Inspired by the idea, Jacques started his research which resulted in the book “Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers.”

Jacques was fluent in English, French and German which allowed him access to a vast collection of information. This aptitude, along with his remarkable ability to retain information, helped in his research to bring about this important work.

Grain and Salt Society

It was shortly before 1970 that Jacques founded the Grain and Salt Society, dedicated to research and education regarding the richness and revitalizing values of sea water.

Through his efforts, his brand Celtic Sea Salt® has been introduced in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The Society has helped many people gain and maintain excellent health and a greater state of well-being.

 “People forget, but everyone is born in a salty solution—or their mother’s amniotic fluid. This is probably the best biological proof we have that cellular structure is enhanced by salt. The amniotic fluid is a salty, “mini-ocean” for the fetus. This is the prime example of why we need all of the ocean’s minerals as part of our make-up” ~ Jacques de Langre

Jacques’ message was the redeeming power of real, whole salt to save lives in physical jeopardy. The first thing a doctor does when you are ill in the hospital is to place you on a saline drip – a salt solution. Why wait until you are almost dead to be cured by salt? That was what Jacques tried to teach us.

He’s nothing short of inspirational

We should be grateful today and into years of tomorrows for what Jacques taught us about living with salt – or dying without it. – Sam Biser

“When I first encountered Jacques at natural health seminars and summer camps in the 70s, I wondered what he did to cultivate such a healthy body and a kind and happy spirit. I always felt so good both on the inside and on the outside after Jacques’ classes. And now, almost three decades later, I see clearly how Jacques’ life influenced my own and so many others’ lives in a profoundly positive and transformative way.” – Meridith McCarty

Happy Birthday Jacques!

We would like to offer a special tribute to Jacques de Langre, founder of Celtic Sea Salt® brand sea salt and Grain and Salt Society, Jacques de Langre was born .

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Jacques de Langre, a Phd, found his joy in healthy living and researching. He was an amazing photographer, a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.

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