Celtic Sea Salt® Toasted Sesame Salts

Michele the Trainer’s 5 Simple Snacks with Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salt

Occasionally, we ask one of our friends to contribute a blog post about one of our Celtic Sea Salt® products that they love. We recently reached out to Michele the Trainer, and she generously wrote this blog post for us. Enjoy!

Five Simple Snacks with Celtic Sea Salt® Toasted Sesame Salt

EVERYTHING goes well with sesame seeds!  There is no substitute for the wonderful taste of sesame.  Gomasio is a seasoning made up of sesame seeds mixed with salt, but often the salt is low quality table salt. I’m very excited to see the delicious flavor of sesame combined with the high quality Celtic Sea Salt®.  Read more about it here:


Now we can have flavor and some essential minerals combined.

Toasted Sesame Salt from Celtic Sea Salt®

Steamed String Beans

Steam some organic string beans or Italian green beans. Before serving, top with Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salt and a squeeze of an organic orange.  Lose weight and eat great!

Steamed Organic Edamame

Hot and salty!  Here we have to move quickly to retain the heat.  Steam some organic edamame and be ready to serve hot with abundant Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salt and a squeeze of a room temperature organic orange.

Organic Rice

Let’s tour Asia without leaving the kitchen!  Rice and Sesame are a wonderful familiar combination.  I prefer darker rice like organic brown rice, and just grind on some Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salt before eating. I love black pepper on my rice too, so this might be even better with a twist of my Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Peppercorn Pepper Grinder. Top with sliced organic avocado.  Yum!

Celtic Sea Salt® Toasted Sesame Salts

Organic UnFried Stir Fry

We can have an Asian stir fry without frying and without soy sauce!  Let’s use organic pineapple juice instead of oil to “stir fry” some vegetables in. Organic Vegetable Ideas can be:

Bok Choy
Bean Sprouts

  1. Cut the veggies to desired size.  Sauté the cut vegetables in enough pineapple juice to not burn the pan.  Start with the harder veggies, like onions, carrots, and celery, then the bok choy and at the end add the mushrooms, spinach and bean sprouts.  Cooking time will vary based on how cooked you want your veggies.
  2. If you want to use oil, start with a spoon or two of Selina Naturally® Organic Coconut Oil and add the pineapple juice to taste.  Before eating, grind on lots of Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salt.

Shreddies with Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salts.

In both of my cookbooks I recommend Shreddies (Shredded Salads) as a super simple salad.  Try shredding organic carrots in the food processor with the cheese shredding blade (or you can even use the manual cheese grater).  Serve in a bowl and top with some Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salt and a squeeze of an organic orange and you should have a flavorful side or main salad.  Great for weight loss too!

[box]No Time? For a taste flash, you can also keep a jar handy.  Wash your hands and then twist some Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salt into the palm of a clean hand and toss those seeds right into your mouth.  Try it![/box]


To order Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Toasted Sesame Salt, as well as a whole line of gourmet seasonings made with Celtic Sea Salt®, visit the home of the Celtic Sea Salt® brand, Selina Naturally®. And of course, let Selina Naturally® know Michele the Trainer sent you!

About Michele the Trainer:

Michele the TrainerMichele the Trainer is your Wellness Expert, Motivational and Wellness Speaker, Published Author, Concierge Celebrity Personal Trainer, voted Best Fitness Trainer Los Angeles Daily News 2013/2014. Michele’s success losing 165 pounds holistically and keeping it off since 1998 is very inspirational. For more on Michele, call: Michele the Trainer 877-409-1758, or visit her websites:

www.michelethetrainer.comwww.michelethetrainerwellness.com, and www.engineeringwellness.com

Here is Michele’s Amazon.com author page where you can find her recipe books, including her latest, Sexy Salads:


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