Farm to Table, from our Family to Yours—Celtic Sea Salt® and So Much More

A Family Brand built with relationships

Building relationships with our farmers

Our family mission is to support the health of your family, its individuals and the planet. Our woman-owned company, Selina Naturally draws on the wisdom of three generations and 40 years of experience reviving and maintaining traditional forms of harvesting pure sea salt.

I am the CEO of Celtic Ocean International, Inc., the parent company of Selina Naturally® and the Celtic Sea Salt brand. Through decades of researching and testing the qualities of traditionally produced sea salt, our companies have opened the door for salt to once again be considered a “health food.”

Our long history of offering healthy products to enhance the life quality and wellness of others began with my father- in law New Jersey-born Jacques Delangre. While young, Jacques’ parents returned to their native Belgium, and it was there that Jacques discovered how the value of whole foods impacted health of everyone. He founded The Grain & Salt Society® in 1976 out of a passion for improving the health of people around the world through nutrition and education. Jacques Delangre is widely recognized as accomplished author, biologist and researcher.

After marriage to Yvette, Jacques returned to the US, soon developing a passion for the health benefits of unrefined, whole salt. His life’s work was to revive traditional methods of harvesting and producing salt crystals from sea water—and in 1976 the Celtic Sea Salt® brand was founded.

Colette, Stephanie, Selina and Carla with Salt Farmer

Natural products and pure sea salt

Relationships are important to me—in my life and my work. In working with scientists, nutritionists, food authors, and cooking experts, it is important for me to support what I call “optimal wellbeing.” Part of that is maintaining a healthy workplace and business complex in North Carolina, where we do things by hand to ensure you enjoy the quality you have come to expect from our brands. Meet my family:

Carla holding pink salt crystals in Spain

· Carla Delangre is a Certified Natural Chef with training from Bauman College. As a cooking professional, Carla works with recipe development and produces cooking programs. Carla grew up with Celtic Sea Salt® in the pantry—and she wouldn’t cook without it.

· The founder of the Rare Body® line of natural body products, Colette Delangre has a natural flair for business development, life, and beauty. Colette manages promotion and production of the pure the Rare Body® line

· As our marketing professional, Stephanie Tomatis is informed and passionate about health and products that inspire and create well being. Stephanie has significant global enterprise experience and owns a farm in Senegal, Africa, that sustainably produces Moringa and Baobob.
Our multi-generational company leadership means our products and service reflect the respect and concern each of us feel for our bodies, and the health of others. As the fourth-generation of our family grows, we look forward to continuing our pledge to “restore the reputation of salt.”

Two Generations of Celtic Sea Salt® Family Members at the site of harvest

Salt Farmer, Carla, Stephanie, Selina and Colette

Products you can trust from Selina Naturally®

From the Naturally harvested Celtic Pink Sea Salt® from Spain, to Rare Body® beauty products and more—you can count on our family of companies. If you have questions about any of our products, contact us at Selina Naturally® today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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