How to Dry and De-Clump Moist Salt

Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt®

Original Celtic Sea Salt® from Selina Naturally

Not all salt accessories are created equal.

Because while our salt grinders can easily grind moist Celtic Sea Salt® peppercorns, seeds, and herbs, and our salt containers are designed to keep salt in its optimum condition, others are still battling their worst enemy – moist salt.

Either save yourself the trouble and get yourself a Selina Naturally salt grinder and any of our salt containers or follow these simple steps to prevent and/or remove moisture from salt.

Tips on How to De-Clump Salt

Add uncooked rice. The uncooked rice helps in moisture absorpbtion, preventing salt to clump together. This is by far the most popular and most recommended method in drying moist salt.

Add dried parsley leaves. Adding about a teaspoon of dried parsley in your salt shaker doesn’t only prevent moisture build up, it also adds a bit of flavor.

Slow baking. Spread the moist salt in a large baking tray and bake it in low heat for about an hour or so (depends on how moist it is). Afterwards, break any remaining clumps. Let it cool before storing.

Use a hair dryer. If an oven is not available, you can use a hair dryer. Similar to the baking method, spread the salt in baking tray. Put a cheese cloth on top of it before you start blow drying.

Cook it. Others simply “cook” the sweat off their salt by placing it on a pan and heating it up on the stove.

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