At Selina Naturally, home of the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand, we are fighting against sugar to help change the planet! Sugar is the new tobacco, resulting in a global diabetes epidemic that is sweeping the country with over 25 million people in the US fighting the disease. Even more staggering, studies have shown that in […]

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Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have been long been touted as an easy weight loss tool. Experts once believed that replacing sugar with aspartame was a simple swap to aid in weight loss and stave off diabetes. New research reveals that artificial sweeteners can do more harm than good. What’s Wrong with Fake Sweeteners? The health effects of […]

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Weight Management

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make a simple change to your diet and watch the pounds melt away? Fad diets and restrictive cleanses don’t work in the long run, but new scientific research is showing that tending to your microbiome with probiotics can assist with healthy, long-term weight loss. What is a Microbiome Anyway? Deep […]

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Maintaining pH Levels by Selina Delangre

  The causes of most so-called incurable diseases are nothing but symptoms of a weak immune system caused by consuming caffeine, alcohol and/or soda and lack of water and or salt. They create an acid pH and the more acidic it is, the weaker your immune system, the worse your health becomes and the more […]

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Celtic Sea Salt® Toasted Sesame Salts

Chef Carla’s Shiitake Miso Soup

This Organic Shiitake Miso Soup recipe was created by Chef Carla. Made with organic ingredients, Carla’s Shiitake Miso Soup has a subtle hint of spice and earthy flavors of chilies and rich mushrooms. Miso is a fermented soybean paste rich with salty, buttery flavors. The combination of shiitake mushrooms and miso makes this soup full […]

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Optimizing Your Adrenal Gland

By Jacob Teitelbaum MD  Do you have adrenal fatigue? If so, salt restriction is a horrible idea, as your body desperately needs a lot of salt to compensate. Here’s how to tell if you have adrenal fatigue and how to recover. Famous for producing adrenaline—the hormone that triggers the fight-or-flight response—the two adrenal glands sit […]

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Raw Vegan Vanilla Cream

Today’s Recipe by The Blender Girl

Today we will be highlighting Tess Masters the Blender Girl, a devout advocate of our Celtic Sea Salt®, who has a delicious creamy recipe that can assist you in jump starting your day the healthy way! For those that enjoy an extra boost in the morning with hot Tea,  Latte’s, or the bold brew of fresh ground […]

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Durian Coconut Ice Cream

Have you heard of the health benefits of Durian? Well if you have not heard Durian is so high in tryptophan that 2 small handfuls of durian provides more than half of your recommended weekly intake of this said neurotransmitter. Tryptophan allows us to convert melatonin into short and long bursts of Dimethyltryptamine throughout intervals during sleep. This provides […]

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Body of Ecology


Written by Donna Gates for Selina Naturally®, Home of the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Probiotics aren’t a health fad. They date back thousands of years to when humans first began intentionally fermenting foods. Fermentation was once a way to preserve food. This is because the fermentation process keeps food (like cabbage or milk) from spoiling with […]

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Jacques Delangre, Founder of Celtic Sea Salt®

Celtic Sea Salt®, a Third-Generation Family Business

by Carla Delangre Famous brands all over the US began as a family business. Heinz Ketchup, Johnson and Johnson, Ford, and many others were the cornerstone for creating America as we know it today. But where are those original family members now? Many of these large companies were bought out by corporations leaving the founding […]

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